Advisor Blog Series: Exec Ed at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

Yes, these sessions are only offered in Toronto and not in Calgary.  I realize that is not super convenient.  However, I would like to get you to put it on your radar!  Many of you fly by Toronto after a race or a training camp.

Last week I had the good fortune of sitting in on a 2-day session facilitated by Karyn Garrossino (’88 Olympian,) Coaching for Challenging Conversations.  I have taken my fair share of courses in my career and this one stood out.  It was excellent – the delivery, pace, detail and most importantly – taking away some useful and applicable tools.  Game Plan has been so fortunate to partner with Queen’s Smith School of Business.  The scholarships they are offering are significant and there is some good competition around getting them but fewer athletes are paying attention to the Executive Education offerings and I believe that is a miss.  These courses go a long way to helping develop skills that we all need and can use – even while we are still competing and perhaps not in a formal work environment.  How useful would it be to have the skill set to have a crucial conversation with your coach and not get worked up, not put them on the defensive, help get them to consider your perspective?  There are several courses on leadership as well as marketing & branding.  Consider it!

Check out the schedule of courses here.