Advisor Blog Series: You know you are being heard when…

An athlete comes and ASKS you to schedule a workshop for them – you almost don’t know how to react since it almost NEVER happens! The group wanted to have a workshop on sponsorship, and how to market themselves as they are training with the 2022 Winter Olympics in mind.  Usually I am in the “sell” mode, but on this beautiful day, I was in a place to deliver.

Our women’s development alpine team just moved into favorite status with CSI Calgary‘s Game Plan team!   We also decided to encourage the freestyle & ski cross athletes who were in town to join.  We made the workshop a little more appealing by tying in a photo shoot with our in-house photographer and of course providing food.  If you want athletes to attend anything, offer food!

There are many reasons why the workshop was a success but according to the athlete feedback – the information was very practical and the athletes were also given a chance to put some of it into practice right in the workshop and get immediate feedback; another response I got was that it opened their minds up to things they hadn’t thought about.  Finally, they liked that there was homework involved to keep them on task afterwards.

I am confident these athletes learned something that was useful to them and they will come back and ask for another workshop the next time they are back home for a few days – that is how I know my messages are being heard!   

If your team also wants to organize a workshop, email our team at .