Career Exploration: What Is It and Why Should You Do It? – Natalie O’Leary, Game Plan Advisor-BC

The most requested Game Plan service in BC is “Career Exploration” and I believe this is so because:
1. It is a free service whereas outside of the program this support can cost $50 – $200 depending on number of meetings, assessments, etc.
2. Athletes can explore at their own pace
3. Career exploration can reduce anxiety about life after sport
4. The more one educates themselves the better they will feel about their decisions

Think of career exploration as a puzzle and each piece is a phase of your exploration (ie. assessments, research, networking, etc.) and as you put the pieces together you begin to get a visual of the overall puzzle or your realistic career options.

Here in BC, athletes can complete a number of highly well-known assessments, have access to several career research databases, and can engage in a number of networking and/or job shadow opportunities all while working with me to help them learn more about themselves and their interests.

So the real question is, why haven’t you taken advantage of this yet?
It has so many benefits for you personally, professionally and athletically!
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Natalie O’Leary, Game Plan Advisor, BC

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