Queen’s MBA Blog Series – The Coaching Culture at Smith

At all levels of competition, proper coaching is a difference maker. Coaches are there to guide and support you through tough and uncertain times.

At the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, coaching is ingrained in the school’s culture. Matt Reesor, Director of the Queen’s MBA program, explained how the coaching works at his school.

“Our MBA exposes people to lots of coaching,” he said. “There are four types of coaches: A career coach, a wellness coach, a team coach, and an executive coach. These coaches all have different functions to make sure that the students get the most out of their experience”.

This coaching-focused environment is key for athletes looking to make the switch from sport into a career or to further their education. Ben Russell, a former Canadian canoe athlete, is mid-way through his MBA at Smith. He says that the best part of the program is the team experience.

“In terms of the experience at Smith, I really enjoy the coaching environment and feedback,” he said. “There are a lot of high pressure situations in first half of the program and coaching helps you get through it.”

Matt went on to explain why athletes fit well in this environment. “The ability to provide coaching is only as good as students’ ability to take it,” he said. “They need the background to take constructive criticism to use it and get better. People from an athletic background are used to getting coached, take the feedback, and use it as motivation to get better.”

Being able to transition from sport into a familiar environment is crucial for long-term success. If you find that you work best with coaches by your side, then perhaps a program at the Smith School of Business is for you!

The interviews above were conducted in the summer of 2017 with Matt Reesor, Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny and Ben Russell as a three part blog series about their experiences at the Smith School of Business. Through its partnership with Game Plan, the Smith School of Business has scholarships available to athletes who are interested in their programs. To find out more, visit the Education section of the Game Plan website here!

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