Evert’s Story: Joining the workforce

Once classes are out and exams are over, the final step is often to look for a place to start your career. This step is a scary one to make alone, which is why Game Plan is there to help you through it.

To gain a better understanding of landing a job, we spoke with Evert McLaughlin, a national team sailing athlete in the Laser class who competed for five years internationally, attending the Worlds from 2013-2016 and competing in the 2015 Pan-Am Games in the Snipe class. He walked us through the different steps he took to make his transition as painless as possible. In this three part blog series, we will walk through Evert’s journey from competing to the workforce and dive deeper on the different steps he took to ensure a successful transition.

As a student in the Master of Management Analytics program at Smith School of Business, recruitment started in the middle of Evert’s semester. “I waited for the right opportunity – I didn’t want to work just anywhere”, he explained.

So Evert participated in a Job Shadow at LinkedIn through one of Game Plan’s Employer Network opportunities, where he followed Perry Monaco’s team in customer success and gained experience and exposure to the organization. “I learned how teams communicate with one another and how to deal with clients.”

Furthermore, his job shadow experience was able to connect to his studies. “As I was going through the analytics program, they gave me insights on their dashboarding and put me in touch with their analytics team. I would go to meetings from time to time. I wasn’t just listening in, I was asking people questions and engaging.”

This experience gave Evert an edge over other job applicants when it came time to apply for jobs, as he had a different perspective than applicants who may not have participated in a similar job shadow, and had “real-world” examples to draw on in his interviews.

In the end, Evert landed a position with LoyaltyOne doing marketing analytics focused on customer segmentation. At the time of the interview, he had just begun his position and was very much enjoying it.

In closing, Evert had some tips for athletes who may be in a similar position that he was in:


  • First, he suggested merging outside; career-building activities with training to help reduce the uncertainty when the time comes to transition.



  • Second, he emphasized the importance of networking. “Having a plan that was built through networking is the main thing that got me through my transition.”


Evert’s story is just one of many successes that have been supported in some way by Game Plan. If you are at any stage of your own transition and are looking for some guidance, please reach out to your Game Plan Advisor today!

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