Advisor Blog Series: As a Game Plan Advisor, what is it that I do?

A lot of the time when I talk to athletes about my role as a Game Plan Advisor, one of the first questions they ask is: what is it exactly that you do? It’s an important question, to be sure, but the answer can be a bit complex. The short answer is: I help athletes figure things out. Anyone who’s ever heard me speak will know that the standard line I use is I help athlete figure out how to make sense of and organize all the things not necessarily related to sport, yet necessarily impacted by sport and the commitment they have made to it.

In terms of what that actually looks like, there is a fairly high degree of variability in terms of the day-to-day meetings, but as much as possible I do try and create some structure for the work that I do with. As the saying goes, there is method to my madness. My primary goal in working with any individual is helping them come to a better personal understanding of three specific questions: Who are you? What do you want? and What are you doing to get it?

These are questions that are foundational to organizing one’s current life, and planning for the future you want. Over the next few blog posts I will endeavour to explain what that looks like, and how I try and act as a guide along the way.

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