My job shadow experience – Alanna Bray Lougheed

The Job Shadowing (Foot in the Door) opportunity that has been organized and put in place by Game Plan has been tremendously helpful to me in reaching my goals outside of sport. I am about to enter my 5th and final year at Mount Saint Vincent University in the B.Sc. Applied Human Nutrition Program. The goal has always been to become a Registered Dietitian at the end of my program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my school career to date, although at times it has been difficult to find the motivation while simultaneously training full time. To become a Registered Dietitian, one must be accepted into internship in conjunction with all the required course work. To be accepted, a resume full of professional and volunteer experience is required. As a full time athlete, I found it difficult to seek out as many professional opportunities as other students were. So, when I received an email about the Foot in the Door program, I expressed my interest immediately. Within a few months I had been paired with a dietitian at the local Children’s hospital in my community and was working with her once a week. I was able to complete the 40 hours of job shadowing over approximately 8 months. This allowed me to go at my own pace and made sure that it worked with my training schedule. During my time in the hospital, I was able to experience in real time how nutrition can play a critical part in ensuring a patient is healthy and healing during their time at the hospital. I will definitely be able to use the skills I learned later in life.

My name is Alanna Bray-Lougheed and I am a member of the Senior National Canoe/Kayak team. I was born in Oakville, Ontario and I began paddling at the local Burloak Canoe Club when I was 10 years old. I began paddling in the summer programs and gradually advanced through the youth programs into high-performance. I competed for Canada for the first time in 2012 at a Pan Am Championship in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. This competition really sparked my passion for competing at the highest level and grew my desire to compete for Canada at the Olympics someday. After I completed high school, I moved to Ottawa to begin my University degree. I chose Ottawa so I could continue training while going to school. After 1 year I decided that I wasn’t truly happy, so I transferred schools and training groups and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then, I have found a great balance of completing a degree that I am passionate about, while training at the highest level to help me achieve my goals in paddling. Currently, I am training in Halifax with the rest of the Women’s Kayak team and our Coach, preparing for the 2017 Senior World Championships.


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