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Game Plan, Canada's Total Athlete Wellness Program


Université du Québec à Montréal

Support for Game Plan athletes at UQAM:

  • UQAM offers designated staff to provide individualized educational planning, counselling and guidance for student-athletes

  • UQAM provides access to academic and non-academic resources that support the unique needs of student-athletes

  • Wherever possible,UQAM provides early course registration when required to help student-athletes access classes that fit with training requirements

  • Wherever possible,UQAM provides accommodations for student-athletes for reduced course loads, the ability to postpone and resume studies, and prolonged completion times for degrees—with exceptions flagged by the university

  • Wherever possible,UQAM provides alternative and/or flexible tutorial times and assignment deadlines to accommodate sporting-related commitments

About UQAM:

The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is a public French-language university of international influence. The quality of its programs, its research in social issues and its innovations in the creative arts are the foundation stones of its reputation. The University offers training on campus and in its four regional centres. UQAM is known for the quality of its teaching, the accessibility of its educators, the priority it gives to practical training, the reception services it offers to foreign students and the liveliness of its campus life. Dynamic and innovative, UQAM offers more than 300 programs at three levels of study through its School of Management and through six faculties: Fine Arts; Communications; Political Science and Law; Science; Education, and Social Sciences.

Sophie Brassard
Game Plan Advisor
T: 514-252-3171 ext. 3798 C: 514-919-9469