The School/Sport Balancing Act – Michael Tayler

In this third blog post I am going to revisit my goal of sharing my experience as an active athlete training while completing the fast-paced business program that is the Queen’s GDB.

The most difficult part of this summer has been relocating to Kingston, ON. It’s a great place to spend a summer, but the lack of whitewater has forced me to be more creative in my training. As I prepare for the World Championships at the end of September. Gym workouts during the week and weekend workouts on the whitewater in Ottawa have kept me feeling sharp in my boat.

With just 4 weeks to go in my courses and 8 weeks until the Worlds, I am about to reach a peak in the balancing act that is training and school. While this type of preparation is not what I would ideally do before a major race, the opportunity to start my Business education at Queen’s was well worth it. It was a step outside of my comfort zone to go back to school in a new subject, but working hard at something outside of sport has meant that when I do turn back to training full time, it will be with a fresh and motivated mindset.

Working with the advisors at Game Plan has also helped me focus in on what I want to do outside of sport. As I begin my job search, the next challenge is finding a work/training balance that will allow me to keep training while learning in a new environment. After the summer, I am confident that I can continue to strive towards both career and athletic goals.

Photo Credit David Jackson/COC

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