Queen’s MBA Blog Series – Working In A Team Environment

If there’s one thing that athletes are familiar with, it’s teamwork. Being able to work alongside other motivated individuals towards a common goal allows for a blending of complementary strengths and a better learning experience.

Ben Russell and Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny won gold together at the 2015 Pan-Am games in the C2 1000M Canoe event, but their teamwork did not stop there – both are currently enrolled in the Queen’s MBA program at Smith School of Business. At Smith, you are put in a team of six or seven people with diverse backgrounds at the start of your degree and you stay with this team throughout the majority of your courses.

“Going in right away, I was concerned that with my unique background there would be a steep learning curve,” said Ben. “In the teams of 6-7 people, everyone is starting from square one and is forced to adapt quickly. I went in as Ben the person, not Ben the athlete.”

Students enrolled in the Queen’s MBA program come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The teams are built in a way that allow students to grow to their full potential by exposing them to new ideas.

Matt Reesor, Director of the Queen’s MBA program, shed some light on the team culture at Smith. “50% of grade is teamwork,” he said. “The teams get their own designated team rooms and work together throughout the semester. The teams based on diversity, age, background, and personality.”

“I was able to help others and others helped me”, said Gabriel about the team environment. He explained that people would come to him for help because he put out his areas for growth from the start, and the rest of the team is there to help everyone achieve their goals.

Overall, the team environment at Smith helps its students with their personal development throughout the program and helps athletes coming from a team setting with their transition into the program. If you thoroughly enjoy working in teams and see the potential of this personal growth opportunity, then perhaps a program at the Smith School of Business is for you!

The interviews above were conducted in the summer of 2017 with Matt Reesor, Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny and Ben Russell as a three part blog series about their experiences at the Smith School of Business. Through its partnership with Game Plan, the Smith School of Business has scholarships available to athletes who are interested in their programs. To find out more, visit the Education section of the Game Plan website here!