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Game Plan, Canada's Total Athlete Wellness Program
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Athabasca University

Support for Game Plan athletes at Athabasca University:

Athabsaca University (AU) is very proud to be a part of Game Plan’s education network to provide access to post-secondary education for Canada’s athletes!

AU is world-class leader in online education. AU serves over 40,000 students in 90 countries globally. We are committed to removing barriers that limit access to, and success in, university-level study.

We offer over 850 online courses in more than 55 undergraduate and graduate degree diploma, and certificate programs. At AU, you can set your study schedule to fit the rest of your life and your training schedule. The flexibility of our online courses and programs allows you to earn a quality post-secondary education on your own terms – anywhere, anytime.

AU offers the ultimate in flexibility for Game Plan athletes:

Monthly Start Dates:

AU undergraduate courses start on the first day of each month, with the registration deadline being the 10th of the month prior. This offers you the flexibility to start courses on your own schedule and when you are ready.

Flexible Course Completion:

AU undergraduate courses allow you six months to complete each course. Need more time? Simply apply and pay for a course extension and it will be granted.

Open Admissions:

Becoming an AU student is easy – our open admission policy means if you are 16 or older, you will be accepted as a student. No other conditions apply, though certain programs require prior education to enrol. You don’t need to enrol in an AU program to take our courses.

Credit for Previous Education:

AU offers numerous options to help you earn credit for previous post-secondary experience, including individual course assessments, block transfer, post-diploma or second degrees. You can also earn transfer credit for individual courses you have already completed.

Student Support:

You may be studying independently, but at AU you’re never on your own. You always have access to AU exceptional instructors, tutors, advisors and student support centres who can assist you wherever you happen to be around the world.

Access to Students with Disabilities:

If you have a disability, the Access to Students with Disabilities office can help you receive the supports and accommodations you need. Please connect with Carrie Anton (contact information below), who’s a former Paralympic Athlete!

Game Plan Team
Game Plan Advisor
Michael Shouldice
Advisor at Athabasca for Game Plan
T: 780-421-5052
Jessica Scott
Director, Partnerships & Student Recruitment
T: 780-497-3402
Carrie Anton
Access to Students with Disabilities
T: 780-421-2548