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Sport Canada Tuition Program

Sport Canada provides tuition support for post-secondary level education for eligible athletes up to a limit of $5,500 per carding cycle and a lifetime maximum of $26,500. Eligible athletes can access tuition support during their athletic career or may defer support until they retire, and can enroll in courses as a part-time or full-time student. Tuition support is only available for courses at publicly supported Canadian universities or colleges, and can include degree, diploma or certificate programs, including the National Coaching Certificate Program. If you have any questions, contact Sports Canada directly.

Game Plan Education Programs

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The 4 Seasons of Reconciliation

Continue your learning on reconciliation through Deloitte’s course - the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation. 

In response to Call to Action #92, Deloitte teamed up with First Nations University of Canada and Reconciliation Education, to develop this self-paced, online program which offers 10 modules over 3 hours and promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians through transformative learning about truth and reconciliation.

Upon completion of the course, you will be issued a certificate provided by First Nations University of Canada.

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Indigenous Canada Course - University of Alberta

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a federal statutory holiday created in response to Call to Action #80. The day is dedicated to honouring Survivors, their families, and communities while ensuring that public commemoration of the devastating effects of residential schools remains a vital component of the ongoing reconciliation process. Our team hopes that Canadians across the country hold themselves accountable to actively learning about, supporting and celebrating the culture and contributions of Indigenous peoples, while continuing to reflect and take local action to reconcile the lasting impacts of the generational trauma they experience.

To encourage this action, we are extending our resources to cover the expense of the Indigenous Canada course certificate offered through the University of Alberta, for 10 Game Plan eligible athletes. This course can be completed for free as well, without the accreditation.

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Coaching Education Programs

Game Plan and the CAC will provide support to athletes who are planning to coach in the Competition-Development (Comp-Dev) stream, or the Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) program as part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Support will be for one year with up to $1000 in grants (and a minimum of $100). Registration occurs in the spring. Applicants must clearly state the dates of courses needed for their coaching pathway, along with other mandatory components. Funding allocations and processes will be outlined in further detail to successful applicants.


  • Expose athletes to National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach education.

  • Expose athletes to a career in coaching.

  • Recruit coaches from within the sport system.

  • Develop a relationship between, Game Plan, CAC, NSOs, COC & CPC, to keep athletes and alumni in the sport system.

1. Access to Competition-Development

The Game Plan Coaching Education Program will reimburse coaching education fees for athletes to complete NCCP Competition-Development training in their sport. This reimbursement is available to athletes who are still competing, or within 2 years of retirement, per Game Plan eligibility. Through the CAC’s Women in Coaching Program, we encourage female athletes to apply.

2 . Access to the NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma

The Game Plan Coaching Education Program reimburse coaching education fees for 1-2 athletes to complete the NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma. This reimbursement is available to athletes transitioning out of sport or who have already retired. The CAC’s support will go toward supporting women participants.

Application will re-open February 2024
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The Advanced Diploma in Coaching allows me to validate certain knowledge acquired in the fields.

- Adrianne Fortin, Boxing
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- Game Plan Team

Game Plan Education Network

Game Plan Education Network is a group of post-secondary education institutions that provide academic planning for athletes and their training, competing, and travelling schedules.

These planning steps may include:

  • Dedicated academic advisors providing individualized educational planning and counseling for high performance athletes

  • Priority registration and clear course requirements, expectations, timelines, and content made available in a course syllabus prior to normal course enrolment period

  • Courses with flexible assignment and exam dates, and alternate delivery options (i.e., online, correspondence, and distance studies)

  • Resources tailored to athletes’ unique needs and skill sets including career, mental health, and tutoring services

  • Planning for reduced course loads, the ability to postpone and resume studies, and prolonged completion times for degrees

Participating Institutions