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Game Plan, Canada's Total Athlete Wellness Program


Athlete Eligibility

To access individual Game Plan services, an athlete must meet the following eligibility criteria:


Sport Canada carded athletes — or national training group athletes deemed by their NSO to be at the senior national team level — in a Paralympic, Olympic, Pan Am or Para Pan Am discipline have full access to Game Plan services.


Category one athletes who have retired from sport within the past two years have full access to Game Plan services.


Category one athletes who have been retired for more than two-years are eligible for some Game Plan services and are encouraged to register to learn more and access alumni benefits.

Eligibility Criteria - English

Note: Athletes who do not meet this criteria are encouraged to contact their Canadian Sport Institute for a list of alternate resources available provincially or regionally. Also, for Game Plan's prizing and contest conditions, a participant can only receive prizing if they are under Category 1 or Category 2 . However, we usually welcome all categories to participate in our programs.

Benefits to Athletes

For most dedicated competitors, it can be challenging to manage sport and non-sport commitments. But when athletes wrap their entire identity around sport, it doesn’t just affect how they manage life transitions beyond the podium – it can also negatively impact their performance as an athlete.

Research suggests that athletes who engage in non-sport development, such as education or professional training (while actively training and competing), can actually achieve better results both in sport and in life. Instilling a focus on non-sport pursuits within an athlete’s training and competition schedule has been known to help maintain motivation, decrease the risk of burnout, reduce non-sport distractions, and allow athletes to prolong their athletic career.

Here’s what elite athletes have cited as benefits of engaging in career development activities:

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Reduced frustration and pressure resulting from exclusive focus on sport

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Enhanced mental engagement to help overcome the physical challenges of training and performance, which helps to maintain an interest in and commitment to sport

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Sense of security having a post-sport career plan, resulting in better athletic performance

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Wellbeing and balance derived from recognizing that sport can be complemented by outside pursuits, yielding stronger overall athletic performance