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Game Plan, Canada's Total Athlete Wellness Program
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Our Partnership

Smith School of Business provides Team Canada athletes business education opportunities, supporting career transitions and professional development.

Available Awards

Smith School of Business is renowned for its excellence, innovation and leadership in business education and research. As the official national business education partner of the Canadian Olympic Committee and a founding partner of Game Plan, Smith is committed to providing award opportunities for athletes across its Professional Graduate, Certificate in Business and Executive Education programs. Read more about the partnership and the programs HERE!

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Graduate Degree Programs

Fall Intake: September 15 Application Deadline

Applicants must have an admission decision (i.e. have interviewed and been accepted into a Smith Professional Graduate Program) by either the March 15th or September 15th application deadlines, to be automatically considered for a Game Plan award. Athletes are encouraged to submit their application well in advance of these dates.

March 15th Application Deadline Programs:

Queen’s Executive MBA

Queen’s Executive MBA Americas

Queen’s Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Queen’s Master of Finance

Queen’s Master of International Business

Master of Management Analytics (Blended/Summer)

Graduate Diploma in Business

September 15th Application Deadline Programs:

Queen’s Full-time MBA

Queen’s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates

Queen’s Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

Master of Financial Innovation & Technology

Master of Digital Product Management

Master of Management Analytics (Winter)

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Smith will provide up to 6 awards for MBA Programs and up to 23 awards for Professional Graduate Programs annually.

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Graduate Diploma in Business

SUMMER INTAKE: March 15 Application Deadline (yearly deadline)

A four-month comprehensive overview of business fundamentals for recent university graduates from any discipline. Start on the path to a Full-time MBA at Smith.

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The Graduate Degree Program is a part of the 23 awards available for Professional Graduate Programs annually.

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Certificate in Business

Current application : Fall admission- Apply Jun 1 - Aug 1

Summer admission: Apply Feb 1 – Apr 1

Fall admission: Apply Jun 1 - Aug 1

Winter admission: Apply Oct 1 - Dec 1

Smith’s Certificate in Business is a flexible option for athletes who have an undergraduate degree or are currently completing an undergrad. The program is made up of six courses, all offered online, and can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. You have five years to complete the Certificate and do not need to fulfill in consecutive terms of study. This is a foundational business program – any athlete, regardless of their career goals or aspirations, can benefit from the knowledge gained in the CIB program. Athletes accepted into the CIB can also look to apply for admission/an award into one of the other programs included in the partnership

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Up to 120 Awards for Certificate in Business annually.

Executive Education

Executive education (Exec. Ed) refers to academic programs at graduate-level business schools worldwide for executives, business leaders and functional managers.
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Executive Education

Ongoing registration

All open-enrollment programs are free of charge. Please note that space is limited, all travel (if a program is offered on-site) is at your own cost acceptance is based on your application. The courses are offered in English only and those on-site will take place in Kingston or Toronto as noted on the schedule. We are pleased to offer a number of programs in virtual learning formats. These new online programs enable you to remotely access top-of-the-line learning and development opportunities, taught by our world renowned faculty. You need to apply a minimum of 14 days before the beginning of the program in order to be considered.

Cancellation: Due to program demand and pre-program preparation, we ask that you carefully consider your schedule before applying for each course. While these courses are offered as part of Smith School of Business’ support of Canadian athletes, typically, cancellations within 16 to 45 days of the program start date are subject to a fee of 50% of the program fee.

Transfer: Participants are not able to transfer to another course. Please carefully determine your interest and availability when filling out your application. Your application will be evaluated based on Education & Training, Experience, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Overall Interest. Please note, each athlete is allowed one course per calendar year.

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Up to 10 open enrolment seats available. Find the Executive Education program that meets your needs.

Curious about the Application Process?

For more information, athletes should refer to the Game Plan Application Process:

Additional Resources

Awards will be made available to qualified applicants on a competitive basis for the following programs. For additional resources and support, please consider the following below.


  • All current and former Sport Canada Carded athletes
  • Awards decided by Smith
  • Must be registered to Game Plan & signed the code of conduct

Smith Brochure

Our mission is to provide awards, workshops and networking opportunities to assist Canada’s athletes as they plan for and transition into their post-athletic careers.

Looking for some guidance?

Reach out to your advisor to:

  • Discuss your career path
  • Prepare your resume
  • Be interview ready

Colin Snider

Smith Application Advisor
[email protected]